Sarapuu 1, 50705 Tartu

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The real Estonian farm

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Sarapuu farm was bought in 2014. It had been empty for 20 years when we started renovating it. The land is 3,4 hectare and the whole plot has been ameliorated (drains, cleaning and deepening of the pond, heightening of the roads, building the grass etc.)
First fruit trees and berries were planted in 2016.

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Wine production in Sarapuu farm started in 2017. All the wines are produced from the berries and fruits that are grown in Sarapuu farm. To add some taste and color to the wines we use wildberries that are growing in Estonian forrests:

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There are different fruits and berries grown in Sarapuu farm: raspberries, gooseberries, red-, black-, and white currants, quinces, plums, apples, pears, cherries, sweet cherries and rowans.

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Muude toodetena valmistame mahlasid, marjanahkasid ja kuivatatud marju ja -puuvilju. Kuivatatud tooted ja nahad valmivad dehüdreerimise teel.