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Wine production in Sarapuu farm started in 2017. All the wines are produced from the berries and fruits that are grown in Sarapuu farm. To add some taste and color to the wines we use wildberries that are growing in Estonian forrests: cowberries and blueberries; highbush blueberries and strawberries from other farmers.
Wine production is based in an old barn that was built in the 50s and renovated in 2018. There is a fermentation room - cold store and also a wine cellar to store the wines, it was built in 2019 and can hold up to 5000 bottles.

*About the production: most of the fruits are crushed and then put into special gauze bags, when it comes to apples there comes a process of juice making. Most of the berries, including rowans, we freeze up to 1-2 months. After freezing there is a process of defrosting and after that crushing the berries. The freezing process is important to get as many vitamins and juices as possible. After the fermentation process as the wines are ready, most of them are bottled but some of them are put into oak barrels for six months to get oak-aged wine. Henceforth we plan to make more reserva - oak-aged wines.



There are different berry- and fruit cultures grown in Sarapuu farm: raspberries, gooseberries, red-, black-, and white currants, quinces, plums, apples, pears, cherries, sweet cherries and rowans.

All of these products are available fresh in the season and as frozen later on.

We are also making juices, dried fruits and berries, berry rolls and "skins". All dried products are made by dehydrating.


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